Firm Location and Population Growth in Boise MSA

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Student Presentation

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Samia Islam


Forbes Magazine has ranked Boise 15th in America’s top 20 fastest growing cities. The 2013 population growth rate was 1.7% which is roughly 3,642 new citizens. Boise, Idaho is home to a number of large companies that have a substantial impact on employment within the treasure valley. Micron Technology, Hewlett-Packard, and St. Luke’s Hospital account for nearly 18,000 employees within the treasure valley alone. The goal of our research project is to determine whether or not the location choices of these firms have affected the population density of its surrounding areas. We plan to compare Boise population density, with the location of Boise's top employers. By comparing density maps over time, we will be able to compare the population growth with the firms’ locations. We will also examine the causes of population growth in certain locations relative to others. We intend to predict which areas will experience the greatest population growth within the Boise metro area in the future.

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