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Samia Islam


This research project examines the effect of adding bike lanes in the downtown area of Boise and the impact it has on congestion as well as ridership. Cycling has become increasingly popular in major U.S metropolitan areas as an alternative form of transportation. The addition of bike lanes in downtown areas has been furiously debated in recent years. We will explore how bike lanes have affected congestion and ridership thus far in Boise, and in other regional cities of comparable size, Spokane, WA and Eugene, OR in hopes of determining the impact that the addition of bike lanes causes. Our research will examine how congestion changes with the addition of bike lanes on a road and whether or not it impacts the flow of traffic. For ridership, we will use a time-series data of bike counts that show the amount of riders passing through a given area before and after bike lanes are added. We expect to show that adding bike lanes downtown causes an increase in bike ridership and alleviates some of the effects of congestion.