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Mark Buchanan


The Global Scholars Program (GSP), sponsored by International Business Programs matches an Idaho company or organization with 10 students from a pool of applicants to carry out an international business research project. This year, GSP students are working in cooperation with the Idaho Bean Commission and the Idaho Department of Agriculture to explore new export market opportunities for Idaho bean producers.

Unfortunately, a drought in 2014 had a devastating impact on domestic production of red beans in Costa Rica. As a result, Costa Rica has been forced to look towards increased importation to cover shortfalls for domestic consumption. High importation taxes, strict phytosanitary requirements, and a reduction in beans available for import have all made importation difficult.

Idaho’s current bean industry has the capacity to export beans for all of Central America and most of South America’s annual consumption. Therefore, the Idaho Bean Commission welcomed this great opportunity to collaborate with farmers, distributors, retailers and a university in Costa Rica with hopes of expanding business there. The GSP Team is participating in the BSU Undergraduate Research Conference in order to present the results of its work as presented to the Idaho Bean Commission.