Site Analysis for an Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Downtown Boise

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Student Presentation

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Scott Lowe


With increased market adoption of electric vehicles (EV), EV charging stations not only benefit EV owners, but also the businesses that provide them. EV charging stations help businesses to promote their commitment to sustainability and they help to attract customers. EV’s have a promising future. Not only do EV’s protect the consumer from price fluctuations of fuel prices, EV’s also address issues like poor air quality caused by emissions from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. This research project evaluates sites in the LIV district and other areas of downtown Boise that can serve as candidates for an EV charging station. The key drivers of an optimal EV station are identified and applied to downtown Boise. Centers of entertainment, recreation, parking structures, and multi-use buildings can utilize EV charging stations and advance the city of Boise towards a more viable future.

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