Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway Interpretive Management Plan

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Scott Lowe


The Ponderosa Pine Scenic (PPSB), which extends along Highway 21 from Boise, ID to Stanley, ID, provides wonderful opportunities to view unique wildlife and landscapes offered by the Boise and Sawtooth National Forests. This project updates the current interpretive signs on the PPSB to provide additional information regarding wildlife and ecosystems that will accompany the US Forest Service’s Wildlife Viewing Guide. To do this, we took a photographic inventory of the signs and determined the changes that are needed at each site. Based on our findings we created a detailed management plan which will serve as a guide for future implementation. A priority ranking system was used to determine which sites should first be improved. We also created a template for a wolf awareness sign to be used throughout the US Forest Service lands. Targeting pet owners, these signs will inform visitors of the wildlife in the area. We are providing the first steps towards bringing the Wildlife Viewing Guide to life along Highway 21.

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