Craft Brewing Efficiency and Sustainability

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Student Presentation

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Scott Lowe


Brewing beer is an energy, water, and resource-intensive process. As such, the craft-brewing industry, which operates at a much smaller scale than most of the industrial-sized national breweries, is faced with a number of sustainability challenges and opportunities. For example, reducing energy and resource consumption could make craft breweries more financially and environmentally sustainable. This project targets three local craft breweries, with the goals of improving efficiency, sustainability and workplace safety. In conjunction with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, we analyze the ways that craft brewers can make the process of brewing beer more financially rewarding while at the same time reducing the amount of energy and resource consumption that are used to brew beer. Specifically, our research focuses on the ways craft brewers can increase energy, refrigeration, transportation and workspace efficiencies, improve packaging, and reduce waste and water use.

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