The Effect of Commuting on Wages in the Boise Metropolitan Area

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Student Presentation

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Samia Islam


With the Boise-metro area increasing rapidly in population size, new problems arise with freeway congestion for drivers commuting in and out of downtown Boise. The urban sprawl caused by the emergence of multiple suburban communities give rise to increased congestion for commuters who have few transportation alternatives. Thus, the popularity of living in suburban communities comes with a cost when a city can no longer sustain and manage this growth pattern and workers no longer find it beneficial to commute for their wages. Our research will analyze the connection between the distance a worker is willing to commuter and wages in the Boise MSA. Given that working from home is becoming a popular option for some, we expect that increasing congestion and commuting distance will induce an increase in wages. We will also present a comparison of results from other comparable metropolitan areas. This comparison will help us examine alternative solutions that have worked for similar metro areas and suggest policy measures that could alleviate urban sprawl related congestion externalities in Boise MSA.

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