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Student Presentation

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Blaise Lawless


As a STEP (Science Talent Expansion Program) student I was given the opportunity to work in the New Product Development Lab. The NPD Lab helps inventors, entrepreneurs and manufacturers design, prototype, build, test and deliver new products. As a part of TechHelp, the NPD Lab strives to be a catalyst for strengthening Idaho manufacturing – accelerating its ongoing transformation into a more efficient and powerful engine of innovation driving economic growth and job creation. Some of the primary ways the NPD Lab achieves this is through design services, prototyping, and 3D printing services. My role in the lab is in the prototyping and 3D printing services aspect of the lab. More specifically, I take prototype designs, typically constructed on Solidworks, and make them into real working prototypes. This is usually done using our Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer. After the part is printed I take it through the post processing stage involving putting the part in a poly-flush, then isopropyl alcohol, and finally sanding the part to a smooth finish.

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