Submissions from 2015

The Cost of Flying Into Potatoes, Judy Ambriz, Mark Coyne, Christopher Marlin, Macarthur Minor, and Johnny Whittemore


Idaho Beans in Costa Rica, Ryan Beckmann, Breana Avalos, Morgan Devenyns, David Garrison, Anastasia Massera, Shelby McIntyre, Feda Mohammad, Eldar Sakebaev, Yara Slaton, and Connor Skibeness

Boise Urban Garden School (BUGS), Brittany Crewse, Ashlynn Goody, and Chris Manning

New Product Development Lab, Tyler Dale


The Effect of Bike Lanes on Congestion and Ridership in Boise, Stephen Gustafon, Brooke Jardine, Keegan Curry, Jacob Morris, and Tyler Rahmann

Role of Education in a Growing City, Andrew Holm, Sean Ippolito, Anders Pace, Tyler Riley, and Gary Ringeman

Discovery Center of Idaho - Outdoor Environmental Interests Exhibition Renovation, Kelli Joyce and Christopher Pacold

Firm Location and Population Growth in Boise MSA, Hunter Mann, Austin Valceschini, Gina Titterington, and Kody Andrew

Highway 21 Interpretive Video Project, Richard Martinez


Police Department Spending Vs. Crime Rates, Derek Meacham, Marissa Watkins, Faruk Huskic, and Andrew Williams

The Effect of Commuting on Wages in the Boise Metropolitan Area, Lauren Mills

The Capital Asset Pricing Model: A Multi-Factor Empirical Analysis, Mac Minor and Jeong-Hyun Boo

Site Analysis for an Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Downtown Boise, Azad Mohammed, Anders Pace, and Sara Kososik

Economic Benefits of Green Stormwater Infrastructure, Breanna Perrone

Change is in the Air…Bnb, Brandon Sims, Jake Cordtz, and Lucas Warburton

Anti-Idling Social Marketing Campaign, Brandon Sims and Dani Niswander

Life Cycle Analysis of School Lunch Waste, Brianna Strodtbeck

Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway Interpretive Management Plan, Elise Thiel, Michelle DeBard, and Brian Crowley

Craft Brewing Efficiency and Sustainability, Corey Wageman, Emily Berg, and Connor Thorsen