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Bastian Thomsen


Guatemala is the most malnourished nation-state in the Western hemisphere and considered a developing nation. The Guatemalan government and nonprofit organization Semilla Nueva are inquiring into what solutions, if any, can impact economic development through sustainable agriculture. This article will analyze the pigeon pea crop, considered a highly nutritious supplemental crop that can be planted between current cash crops maize and sesame for a nominal cost. Simultaneously, India is in high demand of the pigeon pea in its processed form dal, which is widely used in the Indian diet, as its citizens become less impoverished and increase the frequency and quality of daily food consumption. In brief, India’s high demand has been met in part by its own domestic production but primarily through importing dal and pigeon pea from Eastern and Southern Africa. This article will analyze the Indian market, the Eastern and Southern African export market, Guatemala’s poverty levels and current lentil export market. In conclusion, a recommendation will be formed on how to best implement the success of the African export market in Guatemala to rapidly introduce the pigeon pea crop on a wide scale of production in the nation-state to improve economic development initiatives through sustainable agriculture.