Recharging the Treasure Valley Aquifer

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Student Presentation

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Scott Lowe


The topic is how to best recharge the aquifer in the Treasure Valley and make it a sustainable resource for the valley in the coming decades. After much research and discussion it was settled upon that an Aquifer Storage and Recovery System or ASR would be the best solution to our problem. The Treasure Valley Aquifer covers almost all of the Boise river basin from the area of Lucky Peak Reservoir to the Idaho Oregon state border and from the area around Emmett, ID to the area around CJ Strike Dam south of Kuna, ID. It will take an investment in equipment and possibly drilling new wells and installing storage tanks but it is easily done and would allow for the valley to get through droughts in a better way. ASR allows for simple storage and recovery of ground water that is well secured from tampering and contamination from chemicals and would allow for less urban draw upon the Boise River during the summer months. With the growth and projected growth the Valley will need some way to store water for upcoming times of drought so we do not destroy the resources that allow for the city to thrive.

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