Thriving Boise, Thriving Idaho

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Student Presentation

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Samia Islam


The Boise area has over 200 tech companies. The presence of these companies represents a wellspring of job creation through research and innovation, however Boise does not have a large enough skilled workforce to fill existing high-tech jobs. Lucrative pay in the job market is essential to sustained economic growth in metropolitan areas. What can Boise do about this skill shortage? Our research will examine what is needed to generate and sustain growth and prosperity in Boise with a specific focus on the technology sector. First we will examine current impediments to the labor market. Then we will examine the opportunities that exist for sustainable innovation amidst increasing urbanization. We will look at successful measures in other cities to retain and support high tech sectors and perform a comparison to Boise. We will look at long term strategies for sustainable economic development. We will examine how universities play a role in the dialogue of policy, technology, and invention. Finally, we will make policy recommendations towards a vision of Boise as a dynamic collaborative hub for technological innovation.

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