For Sale By Owner: Boise's Housing Crisis

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Student Presentation

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Samia Islam


There exists extensive literature concerning the housing market over the last decade, specifically regarding its impact on the financial crisis that began in December 2007. This observed relationship implies that government housing policies have contributed to unfortunate circumstances of the housing market, and thus the economic meltdown that followed. We will look at the federal housing policies, particularly the home mortgage interest deduction, and determine how these policies influenced the housing market activities such as buying patterns of homes in the Treasure Valley, housing prices, the amount of foreclosures, as well as the change in mean mortgage debt over time. Our research will also examine whether federal incentives aimed at subsidizing home ownership have hurt or helped cities (specifically, Boise) and how they impacted urban sprawl. If our research finds that these incentives have a detrimental effect, we will suggest changes to federal, state or local government policies that can potentially benefit housing markets in the Treasure Valley, as well as other urban areas.

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