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Samia Islam


The Boise-Nampa metropolitan area is growing rapidly, and its transportation system must expand to account for this growth. However, in order for a public transportation system to be effective, citizens must have both the ability and the incentive to make use of it. Our research will focus on the demand for public transit in the Boise-Nampa metropolitan area. First, we will determine current ridership on the existing public transit system, frequency of use, reasons for using mass transit over other alternative modes of transportation, and what attributes of the system make it an attractive option. Next, we will determine what attributes of the system the public finds most problematic or inconvenient, and we will use this information to recommend policies and level-of-service adjustments that could make the system more user-friendly and efficient. Our research will examine the public’s awareness of available public transit options and the image that the current system projects in the public consciousness, and suggest measures for improvement where necessary.