Water Conservation in Municipal Landscaping

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Student Presentation

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Scott Lowe


The objective of our project is aimed at reducing the amount of water used to maintain public landscaping in an urban setting. Our study area is the I-84 interchange at Curtis Road in Boise, Idaho. This area is divided into landscaped quadrants of approximate equal size surrounding the interchange. The current landscaped is covered with living turf and differs in slope and aspect, as well as a few small trees distributed throughout. The site is maintained, monitored, and irrigated by the City of Boise. We will be using the Landscape Coefficient method to evaluate and determine the best and most durable native drought resistant grasses and shrubs to replace the turf. In addition, we will be conducting a Geographic Information System analysis of the area. In collaboration with the City of Boise and Department of Environmental Quality we are working to develop a plan to reduce the city's required water and maintenance of the area. Our plan is transferable to other entities looking to reduce water usage and we plan to present to BSU as well.

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