Boise River Water Pollution Trading

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Student Presentation

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Scott Lowe


The quality of the Boise River is at a state that cannot be ignored. The Scope of this research is to analyze the application of water quality trading on the Boise River in hopes to provide a viable implementation platform. The study will focus on the pollution trading framework and assess the practicality of implementation specific to the Boise River. We will evaluate and addressing issues such as barriers to trade, application problems, and information obstacles. The Boise River pollution has been monitored by public and private entities for the past 40 years. The current pollution problem is evident. This type of pollution trading will provide an incentive to save abatement costs while also providing a motivation to reduce pollution beyond the current limits and foster new technological innovation. This framework allows for contractual agreements between two parties with the common goal of cost minimization, but also achieving the desired pollution abatement. The appeal for this type of trading system is seen through a cost benefit analysis of which two parties have different abatement costs.

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