Aquifer Recharge

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Student Presentation

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Scott Lowe


This project consists of analyzing the Treasure Valley’s current aquifer status. Shallow groundwater within the vulnerable Boise area has been impacted from chemicals and nitrates, thus the contaminated water percolates through the local aquifer and easily dissolves in the water. These nitrates may be toxic and could cause a public health issue if consumed because they prevent the proper transport of oxygen through the body. There are several different stakeholders applied to this situation. One of the major stakeholders are the citizens of Ada County because of they are the one’s consuming the contaminated water, as well as likely contributing towards the bacteria water contamination. These stakeholders include feedlots, agricultural, irrigation, and operating facilities as the major contributors to bacteria in the water. Sewage treatment plants are also stakeholders because they are controlling the bacteria in the water. An ecologically sustainable program that we believe is the solution to reducing the bacteria in the watershed efficiently is for sewage plants to implement an Ultraviolent (UV) disinfection system. In other words, it cleans the water using electromagnetic energy and a microorganism DNA manipulation. Although there are some costs associated with it, there are more benefits that will eventually outweigh the costs. One of the most prominent benefits is safer public health from water consumption. The sewage treatments plants should invest in the addition of a UV plant facility because the reductions of bacteria in the water will, overall, reduce the external social costs. If this program is enforced the benefits from treating the water will eventually outweigh the costs. Overall, the social costs associated with water usage can be managed by implementing these programs to the Boise Sewage Plant that will allow preservation of the aquifer for generations to come.

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