Submissions from 2013

Aquifer Recharge, David Feldner, Jamie Hicks, Sebastian Lopez, Brian Pullen, and Kimberly Tate


A True Cost Nightmare, The American Dream, Trevor Walton, David Gillette, Jon Hampton, Garett McClinton, and Lucas Westcott

Barcelona Bikes in Boise: Can Boise be Successful Where Other U.S. Cities Have Failed?, Celeste Conrad, Jeff Wall, Taylor Dickey, and Matthew Landberg

Boise Headwaters Protection: Undermined, Brice Froschhauser, Katy Hudson, Leo Raya, Dimitra Simitjis, and Brent Cook

Boise River Water Pollution Trading, Christy Aceves, Mykal Eden, David Gillette, and Sam Wonacott

Boise State University Bike Share Program, Pete Gardner, Pete Gardner, Lela Work, and Kyle DeGoey

Business Location & Economic Benefits, Christopher Pacold, Stefan St Marie, Danica Wladyka, Frederick Hogan, and Rebecca Snow

Collaborative consumption in the Treasure Valley: Marketing implications for ski and snowboard industries, Alyssa Wagner, Kelsey Manweiler, and Justin Thomas

Composting at Boise State University, Katherine Hudson, Sara Meyer, Nancy Simonds, and Kimberly Tate

Does the Experience of Uganda Fit Modern Economic Growth Model Predictions?, Zachary Turk

Eco-Nomics: Seeing the Forest for the Trees, Matthew Derbidge, Avery Epperly, Kyla Griffin, and Jeffrey Wall

For Sale By Owner: Boise's Housing Crisis, Sarah Dallas Pullen, Akram Ahmed, Melanie Palmer, Veronica Verhaegh, and Sarah Dallas Pullen

Growth and Congestion in the Treasure Valley: Planning for Future, Cord Roth, Cord Roth, Michael Fazio, Brad Wood, Sam Womacott, and Ryan Mende


Idaho Land Use/Regulation & Off Road Highway Vehicle Use, Johnny Whittemore, Raul Ramirez, Kellen Hill, David Welsh, and Jeff Dee

Idaho's Wind Energy Policy, Nick Bevers, Solomon Guthrie, Marie Koscielski, Sra Meyer, and Jesse Rosenthal


Inconvenient Truth About Boise Public Transportation, Benjamin Case, Kellen Hill, Lexy Leahy, Morgan Porter, and Jesse Sonoda

Recharging the Treasure Valley Aquifer, Luke Birch, Brandon Brubaker, Dan Chimienti, Hailey Farnsworth, and Morgan Porter

Recreational OHV Use in Idaho: Preserving Idaho's Trails, Benjamyn Blamires, Sabonn Dammarell, Caleb Rollins, Lesley Yang, and Joel Zwygart

Reducing Future Water Demand through Landscaping / / , Kevin Cleary, Ben Varga, and Chris Felt

Reducing Water Use Through Behavior Changes in Residential Landscaping Practices in Arid Parts of Idaho, Colleen Asher and Marc Cnossen

River Capacity Analysis: Bruneau, Jarbidge and Idaho Owyhee, Mykal Eden and Christine Raininger

Self-Sufficient Community Lands Act, Thomas Bropleh, Brittany Carr, Taylor Dickey, Mindy Jackson, and Jason Kittridge

Thriving Boise, Thriving Idaho, Teddi Scales, Conner Farris, Steven Fox, Chris Johnson, Kyle Sayre, and Teddi Scales

Waste to Energy in Boise, Steve Alters, Colleen Asher, Cameron Huffman, Alex Madrigal, and Richard Salas

Waste to Energy Plant Analysis, Farrghun Abdulrahim, Amanda Alexander, Amber Barber, and Max Showers

Water Conservation in Municipal Landscaping, Christine Hummer, Max Showers, and Corey Courchane

Water Quality Trading on the Boise River, Carmen Besel, Matthew Date, Conrad Lee, and Patrick Warren

Wind Energy in Idaho, Benjamin Case, Marc Cnossen, Troy Emge, Morgan Sim, and Jake Wade