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Power Production and the Growth of Industry

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Samia Islam


For years the Treasure Valley has enjoyed relatively cheap energy due to its ample Hydro-electric and geothermal resources, but as the population continues to grow and businesses continue to expand, more electric power will be required to sustain growth. Energy within this region is not limitless and new energy sources will not be cheap. Electric power needed to meet the rising demand of the Treasure Valley will be difficult to achieve. Our objective is to research how the Treasure Valley can cope with the rising demand for energy. We will first determine new energy resources available to the valley. We will also investigate which energy firms have already begun to invest in the Treasure Valley, and what impact their investments could have on the future of firm growth. Our research will focus on the following factors:

• The amount of energy currently available

• Prospective energy sources

• How limitations on current energy, and barriers for new energy, affect new firms entering the treasure valley market.

We expect to find that like many growing cities throughout our nation, the Treasure Valley will soon reach a limit on how much it can sustain due to a restriction in available energy. We also expect to find that this problem will occur soon, requiring us to invest in new and existing energy firms, allowing them to increase their capacity to meet the growing demand.

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