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The Effectiveness of Zoning Laws as an Economic Incentive

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Student Presentation

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Samia Islam


The current recession has hit Boise hard. Attracting new economic businesses and firms is critical as a means for Boise city to rebound from this recession. Among the possible incentives a city can offer to potential new employers and firms and spur economic growth, planning and zoning can play a major role. Also, measuring and understanding if planning and zoning adjustments can spur economic growth is essential to knowing how our city can grow during a recession. Our research will examine what is the status quo in Boise, by defining the current economic incentives that Boise city’s planning and urban development has to offer and what are current zoning laws. We will review if there have been any recent changes or exceptions in Boise city zoning laws for businesses. Then we will use data from the Capital City Development Corporation; Boise City Planning and Zoning; Boise City statistics; Peer-reviewed journal articles and any other available information to show if these incentives are effective and by how much. We will also compare our data with other cities with different zoning laws and see if they were effective in reversing recessionary trends. We expect to find more relaxed planning and zoning during a recessionary period which has the effect of spurring economic growth.

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