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New Product Development Lab Researcher

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Blaise Lawless


Being a member of the New Product Development lab is a challenging yet awarding job. The main task at hand is helping developers in the community create new products. The goal of the NPD lab is to create an affordable yet competitive alternative to creating, designing, and manufacturing a product. In the lab you can find many machines to aid engineers and inventors in creating new products. One of the unique machines that the NPD lab offers is the Rapid Prototyping Machine or the SLA machine. This is the main machine that I am currently learning to fully operate. With this machine we can cut down the time it takes to make different prototypes for developers. Along with the actual machine we use two other programs. The two programs we use with the machine are 3D Light Year and Solid works. Solid works is used to design or draw the product on a computer that is being made. 3D Light Year is used to take those drawings from Solid works and prepare them from the SLA machine.

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