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Energy Efficiency Policy Proposal

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Scott Lowe


As Boise State University admissions grow, so will its demand for power. Boise State University is a metropolitan research university of distinction, and it is also innovative in its practices. This research seeks to further Boise State University’s innovations by introducing an energy consumption policy. The goal of this policy is to allow for continued growth on the Boise campus while reducing the per capita carbon emissions. The policy will outline seven themes in which the university can transform its traditional energy consumption methods. These themes are conservation, efficiency, hydroelectric power, solar power, geothermal energy, wind power and off-sets. Through the implementation of each of these themes, the university will reduce its overall consumption of non-renewable, traditional energy sources like natural gas and coal. We will present an analysis of the implementation of the seven themes in order to aide understanding and provide guidance to the policy’s implementers.

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