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“The Green Hub”

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Student Presentation

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Scott Lowe


Boise State University lacks a comprehensive program designed to inform students and the community about sustainable practices employed by the university; current efforts are scattered and unorganized. There are many environmentally conscious activities currently taking place on campus that most people are unaware of that should be brought to their attention.

We propose a Green Hub kiosk that will employ interactive and experiential learning, strategically located within Boise State University’s Student Union Building. The main goal of the Green Hub is to bring sustainability to the forefront of Boise State University activities, and educate students and visitors on current environmental issues. A secondary effect and goal of the Green Hub is a continued internship opportunity for Environmental Studies undergraduates.

Our proposal outlines the details of the Green Hub, including the information it will contain, what the design will look like, and our estimated budget. Our proposal for the Green Hub also includes plans for future expansion to other locations in the SUB and across campus, and a plan for updates to ensure that it remains a dynamic display.

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