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Norway and the Pacific Northwest United States: Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Nature

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Nina Ray


Norway's rich natural resources allow it to maintain government funded health care, National Insurance Scheme, and its geography encourages a high level of outdoor activity. This, along with a current connection between College of Business and Economics faculty and a local Norwegian company, created a platform to more thoroughly discover the importing and exporting opportunities between the U.S. and Norway.

The main focus of our research was to help Steinsvik Production, a Norwegian custom manufacturing company, find partners and customers in the United States. Possible strategic alliances were located throughout the United States and potential customers were located in the Pacific Northwestern industries of alternative energy, mining, and industrial manufacturing.

In addition to the research aiding Steinsvik Production, market studies of Norway were performed to help expand local companies into the Norwegian market. It was concluded Unity Media Group, based out of Boise, Idaho, would be successful in helping supply the growing demand in Norway's healthcare industry. Furthermore, Norway's market of outdoor equipment would be a beneficial expansion for the well-known retailer, Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), based out of Seattle, Washington. Secondary research was used for gathering information to form these conclusions.

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