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Transportation Mode Choice for Boise State

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Kelly Cobourn


As Boise State continues to grow, space becomes a premium. New buildings on campus typically come at the expense of either green space or parking lots. The diminishing supply of spaces leads to a transportation policy question: invest in vertical expansion (garages) or invest in alternative transportation. Knowing why the Boise State community chooses to drive, walk, ride a bike, or take the bus could be very helpful in influencing these decisions. This data can be extrapolated to other universities and municipalities facing the same difficulties. Beyond the scarcity of land, data regarding alternative transportation can be useful in solving problems as diverse as climate change, obesity, and oil shortages.

The economic theory behind this analysis is utility maximization. What choice of vehicle will provide the greatest benefit for the individual? Using multiple regression, we can determine which factors contribute to the use of alternative transportation. Our data will come from multiple sources. Surveys of classes with a diverse student base and information previously collected by Boise State Transportation and Parking Services will be the primary resources utilized.

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