College of Business and Economics Poster Presentations

College of Business and Economics Poster Presentations



Submissions from 2012

New Dams on the Boise River, Scott Agosta, Elbert Copple, Kason Newman, Christopher Pacold, and Louis Pustejovsky

Does a 'Buy Local' Campaign Affect the Demand for Local Products?, Galo Albor and Antonio Garcia

Parking and Transportation, Paul Augustine, Brittany Crossen, Cass Jones, Austin Owens, and Cord Roth

Renewable Energy Tax Credit, Paul Augustine, Cass Jones, Kevin Ward, and Lynn Dunn-Benson

Externalities and Systemic Failure: A Common Law and Property Rights Based Solution, Aaron Batteen

An Economic Analysis for Using State Incentives for Wind Energy, Michael Bergloff, James Richards, Beth Lahny, Daniel Moore, and Nancy Simonds

What is Driving Urban Sprawl?, Alex Boethe, Kelli Burnham, Minwoo Oh, Jennifer Shelby, and Soleil Fortin

The Local Economic Impact of Boise State Football, Miranda Bradshaw and Phillimo Shumbusho

A Comparison of Pollution Mitigation: Taxation or Biologically Driven Pollution Control, with Increasing, Inherent Benefits, Eric Brigaman, Robert Humphrey, John Riddle, and Chelsea White

Energy Efficiency Policy Proposal, Dixie Brown, Jordan Scott, Brock Lipple, Chase Cusack, and Sarah Cross

The Efficacy of Drug Treatment Programs with a Criminal Justice Component, Steve Canty and David Welsh

Glass Recycling in Boise, Brittany Crossen, Tina Griffin, Joe Thiessen, Riley Maloney, and Jeemoon Pak

Buying Local, Trevor Dalin, Stuart Mitton, Eric Wilson, Kyle Degoey, and Joe Hall-Holton

Treasure Valley Air Quality, Jacklyn Donahue, Brian Owen, Christine Raininger, Clint Ogden, and Alex Conilogue

Future Concern: Water Storage or Water Conservation, Joe Dorey, Kiera Rambur, Kyle Brookman, and Randy Westin

Transportation Mode Choice for Boise State, Chris Doyle and Brian Parker

Econometric Analysis of Corn Ethanol Production Impacts, Troy Emge and Chris Warth

Alleviate Congestion from Nampa to Boise, Lauren Garrett, Galo Albor, David Feldner, Steve Alters, and Ross Barry

Do Wolves Need To Be Reinstated On The Endangered Species List?, Ryan Gillatt, Corey Courchane, Danielle Hernandez, Matthew Ivie, and Kyle Robb

New Product Development Lab Researcher, Trent T. Hammon

The Economics of Buying Local, Victoria Kazimir, Scott Johnson, Shaun Wheeler, and Douglas Avera

Local Economy and Land Use Patterns, Victoria Kazimir, James Simmons, Antonio Garcia, Jared Yett, and Nick Meyer

The Effectiveness of Zoning Laws as an Economic Incentive, Jake Krause, Laural Brocksome, Althea Ditter, James Richards, Michael Zawacki, and Jenna Nash

Boise Curb-Side Glass Recycling, Julian Lindsay, Beth Blodgett, Sarah Cross, Antonio Garcia, and Alex Bothe

“The Green Hub”, Julian Lindsay, Quinn MacDonald, Kyle Robb, Riki Sears, and Willie Hunt

The Infrastructure of Union Pacific Railroads in Idaho, Joe McDevitt, Kelsey Bernstein, Greg Franz, Peter Gardner, and Lela Work

Paying Prompts Productivity, Chris Petrilli, Gabe Sanchez, and Jake Krause

Power Production and the Growth of Industry, Nick Ritchie, David Welsh, Seungyeon Jung, Zachary Smith, Don Harlan, and Riley Maloney

Tenuous Tenure, Eric Schuler and Luke Westcott

Unemployment Benefits and Unemployment, James Simmons and Brian Oh

Future Impacts of Early Education, Richae Swanbeck and Jason Helsley

Is an International Airline Hub Possible in the Boise Metropolitan Area?, Patrick Warren, Gabe Sanchez, Jeff Thomas, Matthew Ivie, and Brent Cook

Wolves in Idaho, Maren Watkins, Dixie Brown, Jay Clovis, Ted Hogan, and Galo Albor

A Modern Look at the Black-White Income Gap, Adam Wolfe

Norway and the Pacific Northwest United States: Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Nature, Kiley Zanecki and Kylie Redkey