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Boise State University


A compact and aesthetically-pleasing self-closing door hinge comprises a gravity-assist feature and preferably a springassist feature, wherein the spring may be easily adjustable, replaceable, and even left out of the hinge. The preferred embodiment is reversible for easily changing from a rightopening to a left-opening door, and includes hinge lift-off capability, wherein the door and the blade connecting the door to the hinge body may be lifted up off the body of the hinge without any significant disassembly of the hinge. The spring is preferably placed aronnd the gravity-assist cams of the hinge, rather than above or below the cams, which arrangement significantly reduces the overall height of the hinge with only slightly increased diameter of the hinge main body. The preferred hinge has no bolts or other fasteners visible or protruding out from the main housing of the hinge, and the preferred hinge has no exposed spring sleeve.


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