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Compositions of matter and methods of treating cancer patients may prevent or limit cardiotoxicity during or after chemotherapy, and/or may prevent or lower resistance to anthracycline drugs, both of which are believed to be caused by the human enzyme carbonyl reductase. Thus, the compositions and methods may be used to reduce the dosages of anthracycline anti-cancer drugs necessary to produce a desired cancer-cell-killing performance. Preferred embodiments comprise treating cancer patients with a pharmaceutical composition comprising biphenyl compounds having two halogenated (or pseudo-halogenated) and/or hydroxylated, aryl groups that are linked by a bridging atom. The preferred composition of biphenyl compound(s) may be administered in a pharmaceutical composition also comprising at least one anthracycline compound, or may be administered separately than the at least one anthracycline compound. Especially-preferred biphenyl compounds include triclosan, hexachlorophene, and dichlorophene.


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