Submissions from 2016

Mechanisms of Interaction between Adenosine Phosphates and Lysenin Channels, Sheenah Bryant, Nisha Shrestha, Paul Carnig, Samuel Kosydar, Philip Belzeski, Jason May, and Lauren McDaid

Cross Correlation of Transcription Factor Binding and RNA Synthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by 3D Orbital Tracking, Micah Buckmiller and Tineke Lenstra

Chromosomal Aberrations and Genetic Regulation in Multiple Myeloma, Jessica Burlile

Differential Regulation of Pro-metastatic Markers in Response to Inflammatory Cytokines, Jessica Burlile

Purification of Staphylococcus aureus Antigens and Cloning of Streptococcus uberis to Promote Bovine Vaccine Development, Kristina Chapman

Inflammatory Cytokines and Their Contribution to Metastatic Breast Cancer, Hunter Covert

Multiplex PCR for Genotyping and Identifying a Novel Toxin in Bovine Salmonella, Matt Dobrowski

Directed Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis of α-Conotoxin MII (α-CTx MII), Jenny Fothergill

Synthesis of Highly Potent Non-Cardiotoxic Doxorubicin Analogs, Jerrett Holdaway

Synthesis of Small Molecules that Inhibit Cytokine Signaling: A Potential Means to Prevent Cancer Metastasis, Lauren Hosek, Savannah Irving, and Ken Tawara

Unraveling Prostate Cancer: Inflammatory Cytokines Regulate Proliferation and Metastatic Potential, Ashlee Kallenberger, Cody Wolf, and Jaqueline Emathinger

Alkyl Substrate Analog Effects on Quorum Sensing Signal Synthase RhlI, Christian Keetch, Jessee McDonald, John Taffin, Lukas Schwarz, and Matthew Thompson

Investigations of DNA Alterations Induced by Doxorubicin and Analogs, Hannah Kulm and Mikaela Pickering

Investigation of IGF-1R Signaling During VPS35 D620N Inhibition of Autophagy, Nathan Lai, Abir Rahman, and Joshua Albright

Investigation of Catalytic Activity of Alternative 3-oxo-acyl-ACP Substrates for Pantoea stewartii Esal, Nhu Lam

Telomere Estimates by qPCR in American Kestrel Birds, Esteban Palencia

Peptide Translocation through Single Lysenin Channels, Nisha Shrestha, Sheenah Bryant, Shin Pu, and Paul Carnig

Measurement of Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Neural Microelectrodes, Justin Stadlbauer and Sepdieh Rastegar

Binding Affinities of Inactive Substrate Analogs for the Bjal Enzyme, John Taffin, Lukas Schwarz, Christian Keetch, Jesse McDonald, and Matt Thompson

Exploring the Effects of Hydrogen Bonding on Hydrosulfide Desulfurization in Carbonic Anhydrase Using Synthetic Modeling Approach, Lillian Volz

Cartilage Tissue Grown within a Three-Dimensional Graphene Foam Scaffold, Katie Yocahm

Submissions from 2015

Methylthioadenosine Nucleoside Transition State Analogs Show Potent In vitro and In vivo Activity Against Giardia intensinalis, Ryan Carfi and Ken Cornell PhD

Design and Synthesis of Selective Nucleoside Analogs Targeting Bacterial MTN, Hank Dossett, John Thurston PhD, and Ken Cornell PhD

Mechanism of Substrate Recognition in Bjal, a Quorum Sensing Signal Synthase, Nicole Frane, Matthew D. King, Dastagiri Dudekula, Nhu Lam, Owen M. McDougal, and Rajesh Nagarajan

Consequences of TCDD Treatment on miRNA Expression During Experimental Liver Fibrosis, Cody Gowan, Wendy Harvey, Cheri Lamb, and Kristen Mitchell

Novel Methylthioadenosine Nucleosidase Inhibitors Exert Antimicrobial Activity Against Metronidazole-Sensitive and Resistant Trichomonas Vaginalis Strains, Megan Kelly-Slatten, Ryan Carfi, and Ken Cornell PhD

Regulation of Staphylococcus Aureus Adhesion Gene Expression In vitro Simulating Bovine Mastitic Conditions, Neha Misra and Juliette Tinker

In vitro and In vivo Effects of Novel Doxorubicin Analogs Against Human Soft Tissue Sarcomas, Phil Moon, Ryan Carfi, Don Warner PhD, and Ken Cornell PhD

Understanding VPS35 Mutant Autophagy Dysfunction in Parkinson's Disease, Abir A. Rahman, Joshua Albright, Iva Stojkovska, and Brad Morrison

Angiotensin II Translocation Through a Single Lysenin Nanopore, Nisha Shrestha, Sheenah Bryant, Paul Carnig, Philip Belzeski, Lauren McDaid, and Daniel Fologea PhD

Signal-to-Noise Characteristics of Graphene-Based Cellular Electrodes, Justin W. Stadlbauer, Sepideh Rastegar, Nicole A. Chang, Kari Pribble, Eric Krueger, David Estrada PhD, and Kurtis Cantley

Enzymatic Characterization of Bacterial Methylthioribose Kinase, Jason Stonick and Ken Cornell PhD

Exploring the Effects of Hydrogen Bonding on Hydrosulfide Desulfurization in Carbonic Anhydrase Using the Synthetic Modeling Approach, Lillian Volz, Josiah Elsberg, Jeffrey Barlow, and Eric Brown PhD

Submissions from 2014

Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy Micro-Pump for Sub-Microliter Intercranial Drug Delivery, Sam Barker, Eric Rhoads, Paul Lindquist PhD, and Peter Müllner PhD

Developing a New Class of Parasitic MTA Nucleosidase Inhibitors Based on In Silico Design, Teslin Botoy, Jake Schaefer, and Ken Cornell PhD

Making Drugs More Effective: Polyphenols in Sagebrush Inhibit Detoxification Enzymes, Landon Browning, Lauren James, Carolyn Dadabay PhD, and Jennifer Forbey PhD

DNA-Mediated Switchable and Reconfigurable AND Logic Gates, Brittany L. Cannon, Donald L. Kellis, Elton Graugnard PhD, Wan Kuang PhD, Jeunghoon Lee PhD, Paul H. Davis PhD, William L. Hughes PhD, Bernard Yurke PhD, and William B. Knowlton PhD

Testing the Cytotoxicity of Doxorubicin Analogs, Ryan Carfi, Ken Cornell PhD, and Don Warner PhD

Analysis of Matrix Gla Protein's Activation Cascade and Polymorphisms of the MGP Promoter, Jacob Crow and Allan R. Albig PhD

Analysis of MS/LC Data for Organic Acid Metabolites in Cell Culture Supernatants, Kat Dunlevy and Jason Wallentine

Micro-Computed Tomography, Josh Eixenberger

Design of Transition State Inhibitors for Bacterial 5’-Methylthioadenosine/S-Adenosylhomocysteine Nucleosidase, Christian Guerrero, John Thurston PhD, and Ken Cornell PhD

Characterization of Three 5’-Methylthioadenosine/ S-Adenosylhomocysteine Nucleosidase Enzymes in Borrelia burgdorferi, Amy R. Hall, Gerald R. Cortright, and Ken Cornell PhD

The Unfolded Protein Response as a Mechanism in Col11a1-related Chondrodystrophies, Alexandria Hughes and Julia T. Oxford PhD

Dissecting the Molecular Mechanism by which Resveratrol Controls the αVβ3 Integrin-Notch Signaling Axis, Bryce LaFoya and Allan R. Albig PhD

TCDD Treatment Enhances Hepatic Stellate Cell Activation During Experimental Liver Fibrosis, Cheri Lamb, Wendy A. Harvey, and Kristen Mitchell PhD

Characterization of Isda from Staphylococcus Aureus a Promising Vaccine Antigen to Prevent Bovine Mastitis, Neha Misra

The Role of Polyphenols Of Artemisia Nova and Artemisia Wyomingensis in Sage Grouse Dietary Preferences, Andrew H. Nguyen, Graham G. Frye, John W. Connelly, Jennifer S. Forbey PhD, and Carolyn Y. Dadabay PhD

The Effects on the Metabolic Pathway in E. coli 0157:H7 in the Presence of a Deficiency of MTN, Daniela Olivas, Reece J. Knippel, and Ken Cornell PhD

Disorganization of Tissue Architecture by Col11a1 Knockdown in Zebrafish, Jon Reeck and Julia T. Oxford PhD

Investigation of the Interaction Between Adenosine and its DNA Aptamer, Sarah Rehn, Herbert Huttanus, Bernard Yurke PhD, William L. Hughes PhD, and Jeunghoon Lee PhD

Crosstalk between Parathyroid hormone-related Peptide and Bone morphogenetic protein-2 to regulate collagens, Neda Shefa and Julia T. Oxford PhD

Mass Spectroscopy, Nisha Shrestha


A Microstructural Constitutive Framework for Injured Ligament, Christina J. Stender, Evan Rust, Raquel J. Brown, and Trevor J. Lujan

Microcalorimetry, Jason Stonick

Oncostatin M in Breast Cancer Metastasis, Ken Tawara, Celeste Bolin, Robin Anderson, and Cheryl L. Jorcyk PhD

Working with What They've Got: Do Sage-grouse Self-medicate to Regulate Endoparasite Loads?, Joel Velasco, Marcella Fremgen, and Jennifer Forbey PhD

Float Like a Butterfly Sting Like Autophagy, Brandon Wagner, Iva Stojkovska, and Brad Morrison PhD