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serigraph and linocut


Dimensions: 7 x 5 inches

Artist Statement

In this body of work, I wanted to reflect on some of the lessons I have learned in my life thus far, take stock, and move forward lightened of weight from the past. I thought I was going to make a serious and masterful show made of utter perfection, glitter, and wisdom….

That just isn’t life though. I find that when a person is growing, their ideas are constantly expanding and outgrowing the initial thought or purpose. There is no arrival my friend, just a continuation of growth and renewal with intermittent phases of hibernation. This is not the best work I will make; it is just the beginning. I have just had a taste of what I am going to create in this long life and the methods I want to use in my work.

Life lessons are difficult and painful but I like to think that there is no growth without pain. While something can be painful that doesn’t mean the result should be or that the pain is a part of the message. It is about what was learned and coming out of that an optimist.

Life is juicy and beautiful and bright.

Shine on.


© Gabrielle Vance, 2019.


screenprint, linocut, beauty, golden, daffodil, printmaking