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watercolor and ink on paper


Dimensions: 29.5 x 22 inches

Artist Statement

As an artist it has been my goal to continue with traditional mediums in a growing digital era. My ultimate goal is to be creating my own graphic novels that will be hand drawn and painted instead of digitally colored. The only digital part will be scanning the pieces so that there can be multiple prints. The pieces on display are a hint into that idea where it exhibits a storyline through paneling, but all the art is hand done.

All three of these panels depict actual parts of a story that takes place on an island called Alargia. Each panel has no words and the story is meant to be semi-ambiguous to allow the viewer to decide what is happening. The first panel is about the Saria and Kaelic’s first meeting where they make an instant connection. The second panel is about Kaelic’s connection with nature and more specifically the wolf spirit. The last panel is about Nelemias’ death where he saves a child from a horde of monsters. The three pieces shown are a small glimpse into the world of Alargia and the characters readers will meet.

Although the actual graphic novel will be more traditional with paneling and will contain words, these are an experiment on how finished products look traditionally painted and an introduction to the world of Alargia.


© Kensie Anne Thorneycroft, 2019.

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fantasy, painting, manga, comic, concept, detailed