In Your Head

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oil on canvas


Dimensions: 5 x 3 feet

Artist Statement

These two pieces are based upon significant segments of my life that have had a heavy hand in forming me into the person I am today. A strained, distant relationship with my father and a tense family dynamic in my home growing up as are shown in the piece "From the Ground Up" using copies of blueprints from my childhood home, with alterations made in my father's handwriting. Mental illness stemming from childhood and continuing on into my adult life is shown in my second piece "In Your Head", using the label from my personal prescription bottle. The larger than life format size and flat backgrounds in contrast with the crumpled documents disrupt reality and places each piece under the examination of the viewer like specimens under a microscope. Fragments of text and images provide you partial information about what you are seeing, but the damage to the paper has already been done. While the creases may soften over time, they cannot be entirely reversed no matter how how you try your best to smooth them; much like the permanent marks these interactions and experiences have left on myself.


© Savannah Marie Reynolds, 2019. Photo Credit: Allison Corona.

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realism, oil painting, anxiety, depression