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digital illustration


Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 feet

Artist Statement

Being born and raised in quaint Boise Idaho, my mind would often drift too far of worlds. Places filled with magic and mystery. In my work I enjoy exploring the people, creatures and items that inhabit these worlds. Through my illustrations I would like to convey the subjects purpose or history within its community or environment. My work resembles concept art for fantasy or science fiction movies, and part of that is seeing the concept realized. Constructing a prop from one of my illustrations is the next step for some of these ideas.

I am equally as fascinated with the myths and legends of our worlds as well, such as Bigfoot, The Jersey Devil or Mothman. How the corroborating of many similar sightings will breathe life into a monster for a community. It starts to make the real world just as mysterious as the ones I would dream of.


© Michael Charles Porter, 2019.


fables, science fiction, horror, Photoshop, personality, environment