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paint on spray foam and wood, paper, foam discs, tubing, gauze, plastic, acrylic rods, bubble wrap, form sheets, steel, wire mesh, and found objects


Dimensions: 60 x 36 inches (each) for Journey to the Edge; 48 x 84 inches for Multiplication

Artist Statement

Through sculpture, drawing and painting I enjoy exploring a wide variety of materials that are transformed into something that has significant meaning in a conceptual way. I am interested in bringing awareness to particular subject matters that are challenging, and life changing, along with exploring the natural world that surrounds us.

In my current body of work I have been investigating the destructive side of cancer and how it tears through the body. Along with looking at the oxymoron of the beauty of cancer cells and unique forms they create when they are broken down and put into a different context. By exploring life's reality in someway, gives resilience of the human will, and that there is HOPE. All of this has come through self-reflection from my own personal experiences.

"Journey to the Edge" is a conceptual sculptural painting, working through discovery, reality, and recovery. In this piece I transformed found objects and common materials such as torn paper referring to the idea of destruction. Found sweet gum seed pods were painted, enabling them to be reference as cellular forms. Tree bark was painted in multiple colors to create a sense of deterioration. Construction spray foam created organic shapes, conveying a sense of out of control cellular growth. The arrangement and presentation of these materials changed the materials context. By deconstructing and rearranging I wanted to show a triptych the story of being diagnosed with cancer, the brutal awareness of the reality, and the odds of survival. Then continuing the journey through surgery, and ultimately coming through it all, and showing the positive side of HOPE and happiness.

"Multiplication" is a metal sculpture made out of cold roll steel, cut, bent and formed into organic cells creating a new perspective on both invasive and healthy cells in one's body. Control is power, knowledge is power and to overcome, one has to put things into perspective. Through the organic forms it allows me to continue thinking about the beauty of cells and how they might look or move within our bodies. To me there is beauty in all things both in the good and bad.


© Melissa S. Anderson, 2018 & 2019. Note: The creation date for the work Journey to the Edge is 2019. The earlier year refers to the creation date for the work Multiplication.

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assemblage, wall art, installation art, metal work, cancer, exploration