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Dimensions: detail composed of 3 items; 5-11 inches x 4 inches

Artist Statement

My ceramics practice generally focuses on making functional pieces. I enjoy making ceramic pieces which I can use everyday. I like to reach into my cupboard and pull out a mug that I have made or one that I’ve purchased from an artist I know. My own work often shows repetition and I frequently make the same shape over and over again. This helps me focus and improve my technique and is a springboard for easily developing other shapes. My senior exhibition consists of a group of lidded vessels. The vessels are the same shape but vary in size. I try to incorporate a hint of Asian influence in my work whether through my stamp or through my gesture as much of my ceramics education has taken place in Asia. I enjoy using glazes that have a distinctive color or characteristic. I fire my work in a gas reduction kiln for about twelve hours to cone ten.

The challenge of firing the gas kiln and the specific characteristics different glazes acquire when fired in this way is a challenging and interesting aspect of my work. My work represents repetition, rhythm, and color. I like to make functional works that people can enjoy and engage with. I have chosen to represent the things I usually make and which best show the characteristics of my work with this set of lidded vessels.


© Julianne Meikle, 2019. Photo Credit: Allison Corona.

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