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Artist Statement

My ceramic installation reveals the seasons of life unfolding into cycles and patterns born of individual experiences. Life patterns significantly affected by perception, interpretation, and acting upon the change’s opportunity places before each of us. Small events, represented by the individual ceramic pieces that make up my tree form, leads to more growth which inevitably alters who we are. Experiencing change over and over throughout one’s life can be painful and joyful. Both branching off to incredible transformation. The beginning and the end of some changes are overwhelming and difficult, while others are exhilarating and promisingly hopeful. However, the way we view and perceive any event in our lives can have a tremendous effect in how the next season of growth will unfold. Often, we perceive an experience as an obstacle rather than opportunity, which can yield completely different results.

I am the vessel of my own transformation, growing out of the earth filled with the seeds of hope and the promise of continually changing and growing through my lifetime of experiences. There are times when I am tired, and I am grateful for the winter season of healing. A time when I can come back into myself and take a moment to recuperate, meditate and even lick my wounds when necessary. Spring then follows, a time when I feel hopeful and appreciate a new beginning in preparation for the season ahead. Summer is a time of change when tremendous growth happens. Then once again comes fall, which I find glorious and magical. A time when true beauty shines from all the new growth experienced. Ironically, it is in this glorious moment that death must happen. Only with an ending can something new be created. My piece is a representation of the beauty of the seasons of life. An essential part of the human experience as we all progress through our lifetime of transformation.


© Rashelle Diane Curry, 2019.

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