Waiting Room

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digital illustration


Dimensions: 12 x 9 inches

This work is part of the series entitled Delirium.

Artist Statement

My illustrations show scenes from a chapter I wrote. The collection is called Delirium and is a series of five images which are in chronological order. It's about the adventure of two characters stuck together, both trying to find a way to get rid of the other. Along the way, they encounter strange places with even stranger inhabitants. My work explores the world my characters are in.

The events take place in a building known as The Watchtower. It was once a lookout tower the rabbit guards would use, before it was abandoned. The royal family made the mistake of inviting the Misfortune Teller for tea, and unsurprisingly, a prophecy joined the table conversation. That afternoon, seven lords and ladies carriaged away, never stepping foot in their home again. Decades later, our two characters, Jay and Juno, walk into the crumbling fortress and discover that some of the rabbit guards never left their post. It's to be expected that in a place where rabbits are capable of guarding anything at all, and where misfortune and fortune tellers exist, that not everything is as it seems.


© Brianna Paige Burgess, 2019.

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Series Title: Delirium


fantasy, story, morbid, whimsical, anthropomorphic, sequence