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Dimensions: composed of 7 panels, 39 x 148 inches (overall)

Artist Statement

How do you feel knowing Death is always watching? Knowing that one day you will have to face him, whether it is expected or unexpected. This piece is a seven part narrative that depicts a young girl and her discovery of Death, after having her cards read to her in a psychic shop. Is she scared? Curious? Accepting? That remains to be seen through your eyes. This piece was created to bring attention to the taboo subject of Death. Every one of us will inevitably die one day, we know that it will happen, and yet many of us treat living our lives as if the day will never come, that we will never face Death, and never prepare ourselves for that inevitably. On the day you are confronted by Death, will you be like the young girl in the story?


© Lauren Martins, 2019.

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macabre, creepy, dark, narrative, intense