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Artist Statement

This show represents a portion of the work that I have made over the past two semesters, which were greatly reworked as the show grew closer, and I began to feel strong connections amongst them. This led me to believe that they all belonged together in some other world, a universe where we process information, where our daydreams go, or perhaps where we are in the midst of a story filled night. This place is one of complex and deeply felt emotions, as you know, a flurry of thoughts and feelings, foreign visions and others known.

Images and scenarios arrive out of my fairly loose artistic approach of letting the work develop through marks and brushstrokes that I then try to understand and find a scene in. Sometimes it feels like I’m chasing something and I can’t wait to know what it is. They progress in new ways each session, and are called finished once they possess the electricity of a daydream and the reality of our overstimulating and forever interesting lives.

To me they are a warm place to be overall, while they do also contain an anxious sadness that certainly derives from my own life, and inevitably has to be apart of this world too. Open public spaces and childhood memories guide much of the scenery and narrative in the work. I believe that sadness and joy are equally beautiful and manifest in fantastic ways. Perhaps my paintings function in this way as well, seeking a balance between the two in all of our habitual processing. continual seeking, and forever growth.


© Hayden Jensen, 2019.


ink, atmosphere, plastics, outdoors, musical, emotions