Rock Flight

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copper, bronze, silver, fur, magnesium, acrylic paint, tumbleweed, hornet's nest, and wood


Dimensions: 5.5 x 11 x 5 inches

Artist Statement

Growing up without modern amenities, in the middle of nowhere, on an Island, in the Gulf of Alaska, was truly a gift. Both at my home, and in school, I spent countless hours studying, observing, and wondering about the intricate inner-workings of the natural world. Biology and Botany are two endless sources of inspiration for me, because there are always more questions to ask, more ideas to explore.

My curiosity was peaked when I saw ants swarming, but not harming peony flower buds. Upon research, I found out that peony flower buds create a honey-like sap specifically for the ants to eat, and in turn, the ants protect the plants from other predators. Recently, studying some other curiosities revealed: that bald faced hornets use microscopic magnetic crystals to form their hives; stinging nettles contain their own antidote; and that ticks, red deer, and Jackdaws have a three-way symbiotic relationship. My artwork is a way for me to physically work through my inquiry, and to mentally synthesize the fascinating information I find.

Nature contains many mysteries that extend beyond view and common knowledge. The apparent presence of cycles, balance, resilience, and purpose contained in the natural world make me fiercely passionate about my role as protector.


© Eva River Valley Kotowski, 2019.


hanging, sculptural, fabrication, inventive, scientific, bones