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digital transparency in resin

Artist Statement

My work explores different techniques that merge alternative photographic processes with contemporary technology. I am interested in pushing the boundaries of a traditionally 2- dimensional medium by creating photographic sculptures from digital transparency film and resin. Furthermore, by printing cyanotypes using negatives made from digital photos, I’m able to merge one of the oldest photographic printing processes with the modernity of our digital age.

A photogram is an early image making technique that creates a negative record of a shadow, by placing an object on to light-sensitive material and exposing it to light. I made my own photograms from magazine clippings, then scanned and printed them on transparency film, and cast the images in clear resin. As the resin hardens, it can be manipulated into different forms. The final results are contorted looking sculptures that create reflections through the transparent positive space of the images.

I further explore the practice of creating photograms by making cyanotype prints. Inspired by the history of the Western United States and my familial ties to the region, I took digital photographs of historic landscapes in Idaho and Oregon. The images were printed on transparency film and placed on watercolor paper that had been sensitized with a mixture of ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide. After being exposed to sunlight and washed, the outcome is a deep blue image that can additionally be toned with tannic acid to alter the final color of the print.


© Chanel Abrianna Talbot, 2019.

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photography, alternative processes, cyanotype, digital transparency, resin