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digital prints, 3D printed sculpture, resin cast model with cloth


Dimensions: 40 x 26 inches (digital prints); 22 x 12 x 8 inches (3D printed sculpture); 6 x 3 inches (resin cast model)

Artist Statement

Planet Vorem, colonized by humanity in the far future.

The planet’s surface is mostly uninhabitable wasteland, with cities built upon subterranean bodies of water, of which there are only nine. The land separating the cities is extremely hazardous due to electromagnetic storms and hostile alien life. The irregularity and intensity of the storms prevents most land travel. All legal trade occurs via shuttle above atmosphere. As a result of this, all commerce is extremely regulated. This strict regulation has caused a number of black market guilds to spring up. Most renowned among the guilds are the Messengers. They pride themselves on their speed and discretion. While still operating within the guild, most Messengers prefer to work alone. Captured in these photographs is the journey of one such Messenger.

My intent with this work was to create a believably realistic yet fictitious world. I utilized 3-dimensional design, fabrication, and photography to achieve this end without digitally manipulating the images after they were captured.


© Dean T. Goulder, 2018.


science fiction, space, post apocalyptic, concept art, character design, photography