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charcoal on paper


Dimensions: 77.5 x 42 inches

Artist Statement

My artwork is about the need for empathy towards our fellow humans. We have become so polarized with our social, political, religious issues that we fail to even empathize with anyone unless they agree with our thinking or beliefs. We enter conversations as if we are ready for a battle. All geared up to respond for political points rather than trying to understand for human growth. We end up becoming less concerned about equality, and more about political and religious power.

This piece of artwork speaks specifically towards the lack of empathy that leads to inequality. Instead of marriage equality for all, we had marriage rights for some base around religion ethics. In the state of Idaho, we failed to “Add The Words” to the state constitution to allow basic equal protection against sexual preference. We allowed our founding constitutional principle of “Separation of Church and State” to be infringed upon by religion. The very freedom we fought so hard for….religion, has become a driving force that infringes on equality by trying to dictate constructional rights.

I hope that this piece of work refocuses the human spirit back towards the trait of empathy for our fellow human. A personal motto that I live by is “If I cannot help you, then I will not hurt you.” This motto’s mentality is becoming less and less in today’s society.


© David G. Estes, 2018.


equality, compassion, desperation, marriage, LBGT, rights