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paper, wood, and ceramic

Artist Statement

The world has turned grey and left a storm cloud above me

my melancholy manifests as a spectrum of blues

i want to live in a world of color

one that contains rich, vibrant hues

shadows cast over me, rain falling down

the droplets fracture, colors surround

this world breaks away, deserting the monotone

splintering, shattered, free.

this is imaginative, a universe of my own

pigmentation, saturation, hypercolor transcends

this is where reality ends

*insanity begins

here lies madness, creativity, introspection

questioning unknown, the experimental

finding beauty in imperfection,

not just the quintessential

i exist in this world but live in another

i wonder,

I wonder.

is it possible to live in a world of color?


© Corinne Rebecca Osmanski, 2018. Photo Credit: Generations Photography.


ceramic, color, whimsy, fun, colorful