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Himalayan salt crystal, clear quartz, morganite, rose quartz, light in bronze

Artist Statement

Crystal healing dates back to 6,000 years ago with the Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Were ancient people would use crystals to ward off negative energy and to fight off illnesses. Crystals have the ability to store, transform and transmit energy. Today crystals are used in cellphones, satellites, computers, etc., because of the frequencies they emit and their ability to store energy. The energy of crystals interacts with the human electromagnetic field and helps to bring balance.

I was inspired by my own personal crystal collection, that I have had been collecting over the years for personal healing. I wanted to create a display for the crystals that worked around the natural form and unique shape of each crystal.

I slowly hand dipped each crystal partial in wax, over and over again to build up a case for the crystals. After my wax was formed, I covered that wax in ceramic shell, then I the used the lost wax casting method to burn out the wax and filled the shell with molten bronze, and then replaced the voids with the crystals. I added a light so the crystals become illuminated and energy of the crystals is magnified.

Each crystal has a different healing power. Rose Quartz promotes positive energy, self-love and balances the heart chakra. Clear Quartz is the "Master healer" and helps one connects to higher self. Morganite helps cleanse emotional stress, and promotes compassion. Smoky Quartz help bring balance and intuition. Selenite is great for energy clearing and cleaning. Himalayan Salt Crystal are used in cleaning and deodorizing the air, and neutralizing electromagnetic radiation.


© Morgan Marie Lindsay, 2018.


crystal healing, bronze, lighting, illuminate, nature, lost wax