Bar Scene

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Dimensions: 849 x 1,200 pixels

Artist Statement

When first coming in to contact with my work, peers are always quick to point out the deep connection I have with cartoons, gaming, and animation – drawing bright colors and inspiration from the nostalgic characters and scenes that would once occupy my every childhood thought. It goes without saying that the very media that encouraged me to become an artist is also my biggest driving force, I am always trying to find ways to capture the sense of childhood joy I experienced through my own artwork.

It’s because of the importance an overarching narrative has to my work, that the characters themselves and the world that binds them together is what makes up the dominant idea of my art. I believe that allowing the viewer to connect with my designs and to reflect on their own visual preference works as a form of silent communication between the artist and the viewer. It’s by using line, color, and shape, that I can push a sense of artistic narrative that leads people to connect to the characters and the world that they inhabit. Overall, I think it excites me most of all to know that one day the things that I create could be a major influence to someone in the next generation – my ideas carrying on and giving life to new and untold tales just waiting for the right inspiration that’ll allow it to flourish.


© Mandi Lynn Blanton, 2018.

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illustration, character design, cartoons, video games, concept art, comics