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Artist Statement

This will be an interactive experience with guests making and talking about the food and then after eating they will find out what they are eating. I want them to walk away from this with a more open mind to eating parts of an animal that will normally go to waste in the western culture. By reveling the ingredients until later will get them to be more open to trying it and they may possible enjoy it. I will be there to guide them along the way in building their mystery taco, but they may or may not understand what is being said to them because I will be using a mixture of Spanish and English. They will have to rely on the little Spanish they know and my body language and hand gestures that I will use to help them know how to build their taco. All the food they will need will be displayed in front of them and they are in charge of what they choose to eat and what goes in their taco. After they are done building their tacos they will go and sit at the tables and eat and hopefully have a conversation of the experience and curiosity they have of what they are eating. I will later on go and talk with them and let them know what they are eating to see what kind of reaction they have and to hear their experience with this social practice they took part in.

Creating an experience for people that do not really get to experience the Latin culture often or to the fullest is my goal. I want to break down the boundaries that people outside of the Latin culture might have towards certain food. By not having them know what part they are eating of an animal might challenge the bias they might have towards that certain part of the animal. They will be able to decide blindly whether they like the food that are very common and delicious to eat within the Latin culture. This may make people have conversations about the food, the culture, the preparation, and the thought of what they could be eating while they are sitting down together.


© Elizabeth Lynne Covarrubias, 2018.

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social practice, performance, food design, interactive