Us Broken

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Artist Statement

My project’s basic ideas were based off my breakup. I chose this narrative because at the time when it was fresh it was all I could think about and translating it into this body of work helped me cope.

I like to use formal pottery forms and I am heavily inspired by geology. I used open and closed forms to represent the personality of myself and the other individual. We were alike in some ways but still were very different people. We both had expectations that the other just couldn't meet. Therefore the forms are an expression of how one of us tried to force the other to open up more while the other tried to protect the other by hardening them because they feared them to be too trusting and as a result naive. The crystals are presented as strength protruding from the body as a form of protection.

I am using color to distinguish what form is presenting which individual. Red is her, blue is I and purple represented the two of us together. In the last piece titled ‘Me’ the form is similar to ‘I’ but still very different. This represents that I went through a change. The crystals are blue but there are some pink and purple and one red one which is to show that pieces of her are still left with me.


© Emily Maren Farrar, 2018. Photo Credit: Allison Corona.


ceramics, crystals, geode, gold luster, vase, broken