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This piece is part of a larger work entitled Exhumed II.

Artist Statement

This work is a video game that has been hand animated in a style called rotoscoping. I drew everything in the game including the characters and all background pieces. It is set in a cemetery that has been overtaken by a voodoo witch doctor that has raised zombies. The main character is based largely on my physical characteristics and designed to reflect my personal love of all things horror. The main character is named Eugene. He looks like me, but with more muscles. This is to point at the 80’s love of machismo.

I have created the game to be very easy to play and beat in order to showcase all of the design choices. It takes about 2 minutes to finish, but is up to the player if they want to finish that quickly. This is the second version of the game concept that I have created. The first version was more stylized to an early Nintendo game. That version was just to learn how to make a game in a program called Unreal Engine 4. The driving force behind my development of the game is a passion for 1980’s horror movies and mourning the loss of those graphic and allegorical stories. I want people to think of the classic 80’s monsters and movies when they play this game, and those whom enjoy such will get a sense of nostalgia. The music and sound effects are to provoke a dark mood.


© Samuel David Fortner, 2018.

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Exhumed II


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