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woodblock print, steel, and Plexiglas®


Dimensions: 32 x 14 inches (overall)

Artist Statement

Creeping curiosity obscures childlike innocence. Corrupted influence gradually drenches learned morality. Some allow themselves the illusion of goodness after their purity is infected. They convince themselves that they are still innocent. To be honest with themselves would be to deny indoctrination. They know what they are doing. They’re always remorseful, but often satisfied with hardly a choice but to lie. Slithering further down. The path is a mirage. They try to ignore the guilt. Some unacceptable aspects of self could not change. This is not a choice. Knowing this weighs them down but they keep sliding away. The fruit of turning back to ask how others live under these conditions is disappointment. This reality is hard to accept.

Slink until the final drop of self has vacated the pages.

The line running diagonally across this piece is the path. The prominent, vertical, winding lines represent a skewed self. Every viscous drop is the shedding of old.


© Ashley Layne Young, 2018. Photo Credit: Allison Corona.

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woodblock, printmaking, anaglyph, plexiglas, kinetic